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Mobile Equipment Management

Mobile Equipment Management

Mobile Equipment ManagementMobile Equipment ManagementMobile Equipment Management



Optimize, Improve, Solve

Surface mining equipment has never been more sophisticated or challenging to manage. Get the most out of your fleet by utilizing the most current methods and tools in the industry, delivered by a globally recognized expert with more than 30 years' experience.

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 What's costing so much? Why is availability so low? 

People, processes and technology. They need to align properly to get the most from your fleet. Maintenance usually consumes about 40% of the mining budget so it pays to get it right. 

Learn more about how to solve maintenance problems through training and knowledge transfer. 


Life Cycle Costing

Being on budget is the most important KPI.

Take your maintenance strategy and turn it into a planning and forecasting tool. Audit machine performance and assess supplier services. Understand when it's time to replace equipment.

Learn more about how to create an LCC model and access one of the best databases in the industry.



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